At Curry Hyundai near Peekskill, New York we're the proud home of a certified tire center, ready to help you most at the point where the rubber meets the road. By working with the tire professionals at our Hyundai tire center, you can rest assured that your vehicle will run smooth where it counts the most. As a Hyundai-certified dealership, we'll provide you with a skilled team and genuine Hyundai parts to ensure no matter what the issue is. What's more, regular visits to our shop can present some of the most common tire issues, easily overlooked yet more critical than ever in keeping you safe. Explore our Hyundai tire center in person today to learn more.

Improve Your Ride with New Tires on Your Hyundai

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What Are the Benefits of Tire Service and Replacement?

Visits to our Hyundai tire center near Peekskill, NY are more important than ever as we switch from season to season in Upstate New York. From excessive wear and balding tires to road damage and other weather-related issues, maintaining your tires is key in keeping you safe on the road ahead. Tire service can lead to less money spent in the future, a more efficient ride, and better handling, while not servicing your tires regularly often leads to flats, premature tire wear, and decreased traction. Avoid those issues altogether by contacting the tire team at Curry Hyundai today!

Advantages of New Tires
Increased Traction x
Smoother Handling x
Quieter Ride x
Increased Safety x
Better Gas Mileage x
Lower Risk of a Blowout x
New Tire Warranty x

How to Schedule a Tire Service Appointment at Curry Hyundai

For any additional tire-related questions, don't hesitate to contact the service professionals at Curry Hyundai near Peekskill, NY. Our Hyundai tire center is here to keep you and your vehicle safe and makes it easy to set up appointments. Call our location today to continue online to schedule your next Hyundai tire service appointment.

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